I have built and lead stage operations for three decades.


Studio PAL – Performing Art and Landscape

My most recent development project is Studio PAL, Performing Arts and Landscape, focusing on how performing art and landscape can interact in artistic meetings, in planning processes and in societal development. Now I engage also with competencies within city planning, architecture, participation processes and others to explore how performing art and culture might contribute in new ways to societal development, and through new methods, ideas and constellations evolve into something new and exciting that expands the boundaries for both performing art and landscape architecture.


Meeting place – Music Theatre Landscape

The period 2008-2017 I initiated and built up this exploratory project focusing on the meeting between experiences of landscapes and artistic performances and events, in collaboration with Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. It contained both artistic and pedagogical development, and resulted in a new knowledge filed, including courses on master level nationally and internationally as well as seminars and articles.



I founded and was the artistic leader of Himlabacken (Heavens hill) 2003-2013. Performances, concerts, courses and seminars linked to the meeting between culture and nature, as well as artistic research, directing around 10 productions during the period, and also doing script work.

Collaboration with a broad range of local actors, leading EU-funded countryside development projects in collaboration with schools, civil society organisations, theatre groups, tourist businesses and the regional Musical Organisation.


Mellby Scenkonst

I founded and was the artistic leader of Mellby Performing Art 1990-2003. Productions using all the languages in performing art and testing different kinds of stage spaces. Study trips, seminars, and explorative work through production/performances. During the period I directed around 20 productions, doing script work for some of them.