“At the meeting point there are neither entirely ignorant nor absolutely wise people; there are just people who together try to learn more than they already know.”

In “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, Paulo Freire describes the dialogue as a meeting between people who name the world. This meeting requires humility, Freire means: “How can I discuss if I always see the ignorance of the others and never realize my own ignorance?” and he continues: “The one who cannot recognize himself as mortal as anyone else has a long way to the meeting point” .

The meeting point, the intersection where our experiences, our knowledge and our curiosity meet.

The meeting point, the meeting where people together try to learn more than they already know.

Sara E

Freire, Paulo (1972), Pedagogik för förtryckta [Pedagogy of the Oppressed], Gummessons, Stockholm

The quotations in the text are translated by Sara Erlingsdotter

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